JIT Purchasing – 3 Reasons why it is Different from Conventional Purchasing

JIT Purchasing different from Conventional Purchasing? Most of us have worked in both some sort of JIT purchasing (Just In Time purchasing) and conventional manufacturing business. However, in the lean environment, the supply chain process should be capable of supporting Just in Time manufacturing. Manufacturers and suppliers have to adopt an appropriate method of supply acquisition to have availability of right material at right time at right price and in right quality. The Table by Abraham et. al. (1990) shows some of the differences between Just in Time purchasing and conventional purchasing you might be interested to read.   Here […]

33 Very “Motivational” Transportation Quotes!

Since the advent of Social Media people like “Motivational Quote” as it gives them quick boost of self-confidence which can be found in a few simple words of wisdom. In this holiday and festive season I thought I should post something which is motivational. Therefore, I decided to research on Transportation quotes. I have start reading a book “The Funniest Thing You Never Said” by Rosemarie Jarski and found some very interesting transportation quotes which I would like to share with and hopefully put a smile on your face while you are enjoying Christmas dinner with your family today! Need a quick […]