Supply Chain Processes – What can be Centralize or Decentralize?

CENTRALIZE VS DECENTRALISE SUPPLY CHAIN PROCESSES The debate to centralize or decentralize procurement processes is that organisations have been having for years; however, in supply chain processes context little has been written and said in my opinion (I did google it!). In recent years big organisations have observed a move towards centralized supply chain processes. In this blog I have tried to explain my view of the benefits and drawbacks of a centralized approach, presenting similar perspective on decentralize approach of supply chain processes. Here, we look at arguments for and against and also some example of natural central processes […]

Supply Chain Planning – 5 Levels of Time Horizon and Complexity Hierarchy

Supply Chain Planning Supply Chain Planning within an organisation exists on many levels, as well as in many functional areas. At a minimum, most organisations formally update their Profit Plans on a yearly basis. However, planning is an ongoing process that happens at different levels and different times dependent on resource availability and this is recognised by the 5 levels of Supply Chain Planning Horizon. Additionally, it is important that all the functional plans tie together to ensure that they mesh and support the company’s overall plan and objectives. It is important to have a plan of different time frames […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Supply Chain Interim Staff

Why You Should Hire Supply Chain Interim Staff?   In an ideal business world, you have recruited and hired all the full-time staff you need, who, between them have all the necessary skills, expertise and knowledge of Supply Chain Management for all your business needs.   Well, more often than not, the reality is, in the ever-changing global climate that your business functions within, there may be times you may not always have the skills and expertise at hand that you require.   A viable option that is rapidly gaining momentum and a positive reputation is the hiring of interim […]