Supply Chain Coach

5 Reasons Why You Should Engage with Supply Chain Coach

At early stages of my career and even now I have tried to utilized every opportunity I have to interact with senior managers, learn from their experiences. And get hands-on support from them where possible and use them as my supply chain coach. No matter whether your supply chain career is at beginners level, a career change, executive, operational or senior management, you are the owner of your career’s future and ultimately responsible for its direction and success. So what defines a career coaching…. “Advice and counsel from a more senior leaders, who are willing to share their insightful sharing […]

supplier development activities

20 Well Researched & Proven Supplier Development Activities You can Apply

The subject of supplier development activities, practices, and success factors is researched in 36 out of the 81 articles I have researched. Therefore this makes it the most frequently discussed subject in the topic of supplier development. Various types of supplier development activities and resources exist and are mentioned by many researchers, some of which require an intensive. This list of supplier development activities is classified as Direct (D) or Indirect (I) activities, their definitions are discussed in this blog. During my research only one article, by Krause and Scannel (2002), compare the supplier development activities between product and service […]

ABC inventory analysis

Quickest Way to Perform ABC Inventory Analysis- Based on Value, Volume & Frequency of Sales

In supply chain most of us has been performing ABC inventory analysis for many years and in many different ways. This method has served us well and gives us several advantages. However, most supply chain analyst perform ABC analysis on value as you can see in this Wikipedia article and YouTube video. Over the years I have developed an algorithm to perform ABC inventory analysis which is based on Value (£ or $ ), Volume (Qty/Units) and Frequency (number of lines) of sales. I have performed this analysis in many different business and plants I’ve worked with and it has given […]