Are You More Like a Reactive or Strategic Supplier Development Professional?

In the supplier development literature, several researchers have recognised that supplier development is strategically important for the overall success of the firm and in turn contributes to a sustainable competitive edge and is considered one of the building blocks of supplier management practices. Authors like Wagner (2006a), Krause et al. (1998) suggested that it is important to identify, as part of a supplier strategy, which suppliers are ‘key’ suppliers and how they are to be treated differently. For example, it might be argued that strategic supplier development is only viable for ‘key’ suppliers and supplier switching might be an option […]

Supply Chain Groups

The Top 31 Supply Chain Groups on LinkedIn You Must Join

After optimizing and adding glamor to your LinkedIn profile, it is time to network. Regular participation in LinkedIn Supply Chain Groups is one way to grow your network and generate more leads as a Supply Chain professional. There are several Supply Chain groups on LinkedIn that present the prospect of strengthening connections with other professionals. By default, LinkedIn does not allow sending of messages to professionals you do not know. By sharing a group, it becomes a possibility and offers significant benefit. Well below are the considerable Benefits of Joining a LinkedIn Group? Widen Your Network With LinkedIn Supply Chain […]