SKU rationalization

SKU Rationalization – 7 Tried and Tested Methods you can try!

While logistics and supply chain managers tracking Lean operations usually seek to eradicate extra inventory, marketing, and sales programs, which often lead businesses to raise the volume of products they keep in stock, SKU becomes a critical aspect. Big brands with SKU implementation are attaining better evaluation and performance from their inventory with SKU rationalization. The SKU rationalization process has become a definite trend across businesses of all sizes. The drive towards SKU Rationalization is not in any way new to the system, but in cost-conscious periods, it is getting more scrutiny than ever before. Not so long ago, the […]

Sales and Operations Planning Books

Top 7 Best Sales and Operations Planning Books to Keep Within Reach

My vlog on 5 Levels of Supply Chain Planning has surprisingly done well and in last 12 months have circa 10k views. In this vlog I have talked about where Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) fits in different levels of Supply Chain Planning hierarchy. In response, I have received few requests to recommend Best Sales and Operations Planning books. This leads to writing up of this blog. Several business owners have long desired, and even endeavored to have cross-functional collective management, to build processes that drive market growth, only a few succeeded. This failure is often due to two factors: […]

Procurement Interview Questions

21 Authentic Procurement Interview Questions and Answers Guide

Since writing a blog on Supply Chain Management interview questions, I received lots of requests from people seeking to interview Buyer or Commodity Managers within the Procurement Function. Typically, such jobs are more suited for experienced managers in the field, but as newcomers or fresh buyers, these procurement interview questions are essential to start out on the right foot. If you are preparing for next interview in procurement function, knowing answers of some of these questions will help you prepare better. I hope, almost everyone would agree, that having a list of wide-ranging procurement interview questions would greatly aid in […]

A.I in procurement

A.I in Procurement- 3 Reasons it Will Change the Way We do Business

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) in procurement is transforming industries, and the leap of change is fast-tracking, that is a reason why I have mentioned A.I as key future supply chain trend . A.I in procurement can trade commodities and even out-perform teams of experts. The pace is becoming fast because A.I in procurement has a lead time of years to turn out to be more competitive in these challenges, but as it surpasses human expert abilities in every area, its acceptance rate increases — and so does its capacity to absorb as it takes in more data. The gap between Artificial […]

Importance of Stocktaking

Importance of Stocktaking – 7 Proven Advantages Which Defines the Purpose of Stocktaking for Your Business

In last 13 years, I have been conducting stocktaking every year. When I started as a graduate I was not really aware of the purpose of stocktaking or importance of stocking. I was more interested in weekend work extra overtime being paid! Now over the years, I have learned lot more advantages of stocking, rather than just financial. Purpose of Stocktaking or What is Stocktaking?   In general, the keyword when understanding and implementing Stocktaking or Inventory Checking is the word Counting. That is essentially the long and short of it! Simply put, it is the process of physically counting […]

Materials Management Books

Top 5 Materials Management Books Every SCM Professional Must Read

With any upward professional discipline like SCM, there will at all times be the need for Materials Management books and publications that are both astute and engaging. As every SCM Professional become more organized and entwined in the field, you would find a growing demand in SCM for Materials Management books, best practices, case studies, and publications that offer concise and captivating intellect into supply chain management. Fortunately, there are many authors offering firms with new and exceptional insights to better daily management, reduce unforeseen disturbances and risks along the international supply chain. Readers have liked my books recommendations for […]

Are You More Like a Reactive or Strategic Supplier Development Professional?

In the supplier development literature, several researchers have recognised that supplier development is strategically important for the overall success of the firm and in turn contributes to a sustainable competitive edge and is considered one of the building blocks of supplier management practices. Authors like Wagner (2006a), Krause et al. (1998) suggested that it is important to identify, as part of a supplier strategy, which suppliers are ‘key’ suppliers and how they are to be treated differently. For example, it might be argued that strategic supplier development is only viable for ‘key’ suppliers and supplier switching might be an option […]

Supply Chain Groups

The Top 31 Supply Chain Groups on LinkedIn You Must Join

After optimizing and adding glamor to your LinkedIn profile, it is time to network. Regular participation in LinkedIn Supply Chain Groups is one way to grow your network and generate more leads as a Supply Chain professional. There are several Supply Chain groups on LinkedIn that present the prospect of strengthening connections with other professionals. By default, LinkedIn does not allow sending of messages to professionals you do not know. By sharing a group, it becomes a possibility and offers significant benefit. Well below are the considerable Benefits of Joining a LinkedIn Group? Widen Your Network With LinkedIn Supply Chain […]

Masters in Supply Chain

Top 23 European Masters in Supply Chain Management You Should Research

Do you desire a European masters in Supply Chain Management? By explanation, Supply Chain Management place emphases on how to economically and proficiently manage supply chain systems to obtain better distribution of product and services from supplier to consumer thus growing a business’ competitive advantage. It looks simple enough! Nevertheless, in present-day international marketplace, clients are incessantly finding their suppliers globally to make sure that their product and service meets consumer’s demands at the least cost yet with the best profit margin. Achieving this is important to remain competitive and relevant in your respective field. This makes present-day supply chain […]

Foreign Trade Management


In today’s world, foreign trade management  is inevitable for all countries.  Inasmuch as, no country can not produce sufficient quantities according to their needs.  Sometimes they have surplus, sometimes vice versa and sometimes they can never produce.  Countries, the production which is surplus sells the goods to foreign companies in order to have foreign currency.  In this way the countries which gain foreign currency want to buy the raw materials that the companies which do not have sufficient quantities in order to buy another countries.   Parallel to globalisation in the world, as the changing that having in foreign trade […]