8 Must Have Supply Chain Competencies

Technical Supply Chain Competencies The underlying Supply Chain competencies are skills, knowledge and characteristics that support the effective performance as Supply Chain professional.  Given the global Supply Chain demands Supply Chain professionals should never stop developing new skills and enhancing existing ones. Here are 8 core Supply Chain competencies that Supply Chain professional need to master—and continually improve. Capacity Planning The ability to determine the production capacity required by a supplier or a company plant to meet forecasted customer demand.  The capacity planner must be able to calculate the maximum amount of work that an organization is capable of manufacturing in […]

APICS VS CIPS – What Should You Choose?

Lot of Supply Chain and Procurement folks who are in early stage of their ask me should they go for CIPS or APICS qualification. Depending on their career aspiration to either grow in Supply Chain in general or become specialise procurement professional I give them advice accordingly. Like most good things in life there is no right or wrong answer, it is only the matter of preference. Therefore, I thought a comparison of two leading supply chain bodies and their qualification will be useful and I hope it will make the decision making easier for aspiring Supply Chain and Procurement […]

2700 Plus Supply Chain Management Terms & Glossary

Managers, academics, students, professionals and practitioners of Supply Chain Management require ready access to a definitive source of current terminology and practice. Over the years I have gathered the most up-to-date glossary of Supply Chain Management terms, concepts and definitions relevant to the subject, which I hope you will find it useful. Salient features of this document include: You can download here for $0.99, 2700 plus Supply Chain Management Terms, which if purchased in paperback format could cost between £21.54 to £55.58. [purchase_link id=”431″ style=”button” color=”orange” text=”BUY NOW”] Easy to use format. Current definitions, based on those given by leading authorities. Key […]