Supplier Development Initiatives

5 Supplier Development Initiatives to Create Improvement Projects

In order for firms to compete effectively and survive in the global market, they must maintain and build relationships with a capable and competent network of suppliers and extract maximum value through such relationships. To create and maintain such a network and to improve capabilities that are necessary for the buying organization to meet its increasing competitive challenges, the buying firm may engage in Supplier Development Initiatives to improve the performance of supply base both reactively and strategically. But the question is where should those initiatives come from in your Supplier Development Programme? Supplier Development Initiatives In my experience Supplier […]

13 Possible Nightmares That Stops You to Provide Great On-Time Delivery Performance

On-Time Delivery Performance is one of the key metric in Supply Chain which represents customer service levels an organisation is providing with given resources. Why do we want to measure On-Time Delivery Performance?   It is primary metric in order to drive continuous improvement of service levels and differentiate our service offering from your competitors. It is the best way to understand the lead time requirements of customers. What is On-Time Delivery Performance?:   This metric measures on-time performance to customer’s requested ship date (Goods Issue Date) at the sales order line level. Schedule line percent on-time and complete to […]