What is Supplier Development? A Technical Definition

What is Supplier Development? The Term Supplier Development has been used since many decades, however, the scope of the definition was not presented. During my research in Lancaster University Management School, myself and my supervisor believe that there is appetite for update definition, which is presented in this blog post. According to Krause et al. (2007) the term was first used by Leenders (1966) to describe efforts by manufacturers to increase the number of viable suppliers and improve their performance, but no formal definition was presented which covers both the manufacturers and the service providers. One of the first formal […]

7 reasons why Six Sigma will fail in Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

There is a need for small & medium size companies to recognize the benefits of Six Sigma rather than being suspicious of a buyer’s motives, if they ask them to use Six Sigma tools! A buying firm also needs to ensure strong commitment to Six Sigma training programmes that develop the SME’s long-term capability rather than as a means of immediate results to strengthen the relationship between the SME and the large counterpart. Research suggests that key elements for successful deployment of Six Sigma tools in SMEs are: proactive customers and suppliers, commitment to long-term relationships, continuous improvement mentality, creating […]

Lean and Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma – Key Similarities and Differences?

Lean and Six Sigma are probably the most researched, published and utilized Continuous Improvement methodologies in Operations Management and Supply Chain. Lot of guys in my team are eager to learn both Lean and Six Sigma tools but they don’t always know which method and tools are applied in which problem scenario. I thought I should try  to answer this problem scenario…. One way to look at how lean management and six sigma can complement each other is comparing the strengths and weaknesses of both, as shown in Table below, to understand their correlation. This Table identify the strengths and weakness […]

Role of Supplier Development Programme in Supply Chain Management

Supplier Development Programme and its link with SCM Supplier Development Programme is one the key initiative in many large organisation and perceived as key driver to enable supply chain competitiveness. To understand this, lets briefly look into definition  Supply Chain Management (SCM). Supply Chain Management was introduced in the early 1980s (Oliver and Webber, 1982) but it has only been growing in importance since the early 1990s. SCM is defined as the “integration of trading partners” key business processes from initial raw material extraction to the final or end customer, including all intermediate processing, transportation and storage activities and final […]