Sales and Operations Planning Books

Top 7 Best Sales and Operations Planning Books to Keep Within Reach

My vlog on 5 Levels of Supply Chain Planning has surprisingly done well and in last 12 months have circa 10k views. In this vlog I have talked about where Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) fits in different levels of Supply Chain Planning hierarchy. In response, I have received few requests to recommend Best Sales and Operations Planning books. This leads to writing up of this blog. Several business owners have long desired, and even endeavored to have cross-functional collective management, to build processes that drive market growth, only a few succeeded. This failure is often due to two factors: […]

machine learning forecasting

5 Reasons Why Machine Learning Forecasting Is Better Than Traditional Forecasting Techniques

Machine Learning Forecasting is attracting an essential role in several significant data initiatives today. Year ago, I have mentioned machine learning as top 7 future trends in supply chain. Big retailers, Supply chain, and logistics experts are using Machine Learning Forecasting to aid improve customer engagement and produce more precise demand forecasts better than traditional forecasting techniques. They can also use Machine Learning Forecasting to expand into new sales channels, improve customer service, reduce inventory and improve productivity. There are many good reasons why demand forecasting is important. However, putting a reliable forecast for any business is collaborative efforts sharing […]

Excel Tips & Tricks

24 Excel Tips & Tricks to Becoming a Supply Chain Nomad

Knowing useful Excel Tips & Tricks are important for supply chain professionals at all levels. I have come across some candidate who has fantastic CV, but when asked to use simple Excel formulas like vlookup or pivot table, they struggle. I remember once candidate left halfway through the interview process as he struggles to apply the Excel formulas required to get the desired outcome. The Supply Chain Management environment requires plenty of artistic vision, brainstorming, and inventiveness along with usual technical competencies. However, if you are a professional in supply chain management, then you should know that Excel Tips & […]

5 Quick and Remarkable Tips to Improve Forecasting Accuracy

Many businesses do some kind of forecast, due to its importance to benefits it provides. However, most business also complains about accuracy of their forecasting process and want to how they can improve forecasting accuracy?   Supply Chain Management is a broad umbrella of complex functions which are aligned to meet one common goal – customer satisfaction. A customer may walk into your store or browse your website to purchase their products. What happens if your store understocks the item and it is not available? The customer may wait for backorders, but due to various reasons, they may instead search […]

Supply Chain Processes – What can be Centralize or Decentralize?

CENTRALIZE VS DECENTRALISE SUPPLY CHAIN PROCESSES The debate to centralize or decentralize procurement processes is that organisations have been having for years; however, in supply chain processes context little has been written and said in my opinion (I did google it!). In recent years big organisations have observed a move towards centralized supply chain processes. In this blog I have tried to explain my view of the benefits and drawbacks of a centralized approach, presenting similar perspective on decentralize approach of supply chain processes. Here, we look at arguments for and against and also some example of natural central processes […]

Supply Chain Planning – 5 Levels of Time Horizon and Complexity Hierarchy

Supply Chain Planning Supply Chain Planning within an organisation exists on many levels, as well as in many functional areas. At a minimum, most organisations formally update their Profit Plans on a yearly basis. However, planning is an ongoing process that happens at different levels and different times dependent on resource availability and this is recognised by the 5 levels of Supply Chain Planning Horizon. Additionally, it is important that all the functional plans tie together to ensure that they mesh and support the company’s overall plan and objectives. It is important to have a plan of different time frames […]