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Instructions to Import Data

Simple copy paste your last 12 months sales data in spread sheet with SKU (Item Number), Qty Sold and Value (£ or $) and let our propriety algorithm do the magic while you enjoy a coffee!

If you have sold an item more than once in any time period, it should appear as many times as it was sold in last 12 months to calculate the frequency

  • We recommend to use last 12 months sales data.
  • File must be CSV.
  • First row must be header row.
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What does ABC & Q Segmentation mean in results:

  • A - Items fall under Top 80% of value, volume (qty) and frequency of sales, i.e. in all 3 dimensions. These are most valuable items.
  • B - Items fall under 2 of the 3, Top 80% value, volume and/or frequency, i.e. in any 2 dimensions
  • C - Items fall under 1 of the 3, Top 80% of value, volume or frequency. i.e. in any 1 dimensions.
  • Q - Do not fall Top 80% of either value, volume or frequency.