What Should be Supply Chain Mission?

In any Supply Chain Strategy it is important that Supply Chain Leaders should clearly define Supply Chain Mission, i.e. what they want their organisation and teams to delivery. In other words what is the value proposition of their Supply Chain strategy? Here is one good example!


To provide a globally integrated Supply Chain solution that leverages standard business processes and tools, optimizes organizational capability, minimizes waste, improves predictability, and delivers comprehensive value to the customer

Supply Chain Mission

4 thoughts on “What Should be Supply Chain Mission?

  1. Thanks so much for the blog. Hope it will also help in answering supply chain questions.
    How is the supply chain environment?
    Describe the concept of green supply chain management?

      1. I look forward to your green supply chain article. I have talked to many ‘supply chain’ managers however there is still much lack of positive developments in this area…

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